About US

Who we are

Universal Publisher and Distributor were established in 1995. Through dedication, professionalism, and passion, it has developed to become one of the top publishers of specialized books in the Arab world.
With offices in Lebanon and countries of the GCC, we bridge the gap between creators of insights, knowledge and practices, their counterparts and graduating professionals.

Universal Publisher and Distributor also provide creative designs and powerful content with a high-end printing of marketing collateral including corporate profiles, promotional and product catalogs, special-purpose publications and corporate agendas.

Our Philosophy

We promote knowledge and education while making specific, practical and useful information available to the targeted audience, which enhances the societies we operate in and substantially contributes to their wellbeing.

Our Mission

Become with the number one publisher of specialized books and all related activities in the Arab world while achieving a credible and active presence worldwide.
In addition, we strive to contribute to the success and growth of our customers through creative, insightful content and quality printing of marketing collaterals..