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Publisher: SendPoints

Size: 210 × 250 mm

Pages: 272

Binding: Hardcover

Language: English

ISBN: 978-988-14703-5-5

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Book description/Synopsis

The nature-inspired design is a reflection of human's curiosity about the real world. From the birth of organic architecture to the young science—biomimetics, we continue to learn from nature to solve various problems.

This book takes us back to nature by displaying a range of outstanding organic product designs of our times in terms of form, texture, and function. It aims to explore the aesthetics and function of mimicking nature as a new direction in creative fields.

In the following pages, you will be able to enjoy the work of numerous designers from around the globe, all of whom have become aware, or rather become convinced, that humanity’s future resides in the revolution of biomimicry, which holds the key to sustainable long-term development. We still have much to learn from nature: new shapes, materials, and functions, all integrated into closed cycles of matter and energy, free of waste, employing quality raw materials, all giving us insight into incredible designs that are yet to be imagined.
Every day it seems more probable that nature-inspired design is the design of the future.

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