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Advanced Architecture 4.5.6

Publisher: DAMDI

Size: 228 x 290 mm, Hard cover, All Color, Set in 3 books

Pages: Total 1,056 pages with 3 books, each 352 pages / 226 projects with 60 DESIGN TEAMS all over the worl

Binding: HardCover

Language: English

ISBN: 978-89-6801-053-8

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Book description/Synopsis

Most designers including architects and students who are studying design want to show an advanced design. That is why they are a sensitive reaction to present trend.
So we would like to show TREND OF ARCHITECTURE through recently design project in all of the world.
It would be focused on projects shown concept, the basic idea, and processing with images.

This ambitious, boxed edition, comprises three distinct volumes which together present more than 200 works and projects by young/progressive offices. The first volume deals with houses, apartment and education architecture; the second, office, commercial, landscape, master plan, installation, and pavilion; and the third with an exhibition, furniture, public facilities, interior, museum, cultural facilities. Providing a sweeping survey of contemporary practice, all works and projects are surveyed over two or more pages through photographs, technical drawings, and models, and are accompanied by interviews and introductory texts.


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