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Architectural Material & Detail Structure: Wood

Publisher: Design Media Publishing (UK)

Size: 245 x 290 mm

Pages: 320 pages

Binding: HardCover

Language: English

ISBN: 978-1-910596-17-3

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Book description/Synopsis

This book explores the varied ways in which wood is used in contemporary architecture, showcasing a wide selection of architectural achievements from across North and South America, Europe and Asia. These buildings serve a wide range of purposes, from housing to schools, museums, and auditoriums, to sports complexes or cultural centers. 

Author Biography: Born in France in 1954, Bernard spent his childhood in Bordeaux. In 1972, he began to study in Salier and gained a degree in architectural design. In 1985, he started his study life in Architect's College and then after one year, he founded his first studio in the field of architecture and design. In 2000, he established another design agency named "Agence Bernard Buhler."

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