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Coffee Shop with Specific Themes

Publisher: Design Media Publishing (UK)

Size: 215 x 285 mm

Pages: 256 pages

Binding: HardCover

Language: English

ISBN: 9781910596487

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Book description/Synopsis

1996 - 2001 study at Faculty of Architecture University of Ljubljana and giant Diploma Degree;2003 – 2004, an architect in Bevk Perovi? arhitekti ; recent working as Creative director of Unique Hospitality Concepts at Trije arhitekti.

In the busy and bustle life, people need a place to release emotions and look for friendship. A coffee shop which blends Chinese and Western cultures will be the ideal place. A successful coffee shop design must have its own theme. On the basis of this theme, space is well-arranged to meet functional and aesthetic requirements, thus providing a pleasant experience for users. 

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