Fadi Moukanzah

Meet Fadi Moukanzah, the visionary CEO and founder behind Universal Publisher and Distributor. With a passion for fostering knowledge and creativity, Fadi has been the driving force behind our journey since our inception in 1995.

Guided by dedication, professionalism, and an unwavering passion, Fadi envisioned Universal Publisher and Distributor as the bridge connecting insightful creators with aspiring professionals in the Arab world. His belief in equipping individuals with the tools they need to flourish has ignited growth and innovation across the region.

Under Fadi's steadfast leadership, Universal Publisher and Distributor has emerged as a trusted cornerstone within the publishing realm. Renowned for our exceptional array of specialized books and top-tier printing services, our reputation speaks for itself. Operating from our bases in Lebanon and KSA, we've established a strong global presence, aligning with Fadi's aspiration of democratizing knowledge for individuals worldwide.

Beyond the realm of Universal Publisher and Distributor, Fadi is a fervent advocate for education and entrepreneurship. His tireless commitment to empowering the youth has catalyzed the realization of countless dreams. With Fadi steering the ship, our company is primed for an even more triumphant future.

Fueled by a devotion to excellence, a flair for creativity, and an indomitable spirit of innovation, Fadi has propelled us to become the go-to hub for specialized books and creative content across the Arab world. His dedication to making a difference has ignited the aspirations of many, empowering them to chase their dreams and reach their pinnacles of success.

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